Dedications Page

My Mommy and me thought it would be a good idea to create a page of dedications. She says that to dedicate something to someone means that you are honoring them by saying something nice about them.

She says we all know someone who has had or has cancer, so anyone, even if you have not bought a tutu yet, can post on this page, to say something nice about someone that they know.

My great papaw and my moms aunt maryanne died of cancer. My papa george and my moms friends Lyly, Todd and Mrs H are brave and courageous cancer survivors.

Leave a comment on this page, and we’ll be sure to repost it to this dedications page.

One tutu at a time, we will make a difference.

Love, Grace

Grace and Great Papaw

Grace and Papa George


2 thoughts on “Dedications Page”

  1. Grace and Cher, I really like your dedication page. Grace your great Papaw was my brother that I loved dearly. Keep up the good work, one tutu at a time.

  2. Lori Tedesco said:

    I love this. My favorite Uncle in the world, Bob, died at age 43 from metastatic kidney cancer. (Grace, that’s cancer that starts in one body part and jumps around and isn’t cured). Now, his mom, my favorite Grandma, who is 92, has been battling breast cancer for 5 years, and is now dying of hairy-cell lung cancer. I’d like to say that she has kept up the good fight, to see her favorite great-granddaughter (Zia), but her little body is too tired to fight anymore.

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