Tough Girl Tutus on KDKA

Watch Grace’s interview with Dave Crawley of KDKA here


31 days left, 13 tutus to go!!

Since we created this photo in the early AM and posted it to Facebook this morning, we’ve received four new orders.  So please consider helping to spread the word about Tough Girl Tutus- we are almost there!!  Email us at and let us know who to make YOUR tutu for – you, your little one, sister, cousin, friend.. can’t wait to hear from you!!




A New Ocean – Stunning!



We received an email from a lady who is currently undergoing chemotherapy. She wanted to buy a tutu for her soon to be 9 year old daughter and we were happy to oblige.

It’s becoming clear to me that the ocean colored tutus are the most popular of ladies who have endured cancer, and women currently enveloped by it. Perhaps the tranquility of the colors, memories of being near an ocean that bring comfort to the soul.

This is a beautiful, stunning tutu made with white, light blue and teal tulle. It is absolutely gorgeous. We can’t wait for the birthday girl to see it, and send prayers to the thoughtful Mommy who is buying it.

One tutu at a time,
Love~ Grace

Zia at the Conservatory

We couldn’t wait to give Zia her custom made blue, purple and red tutu- so we thought… why not present it to her at a place as pretty as she!  Last Sunday, her parents were sweet enough to meet us at Phipps Conservatory in the Schenley Park area of Pittsburgh.  Between Spring and Summer presentations, we were blessed to not only see both exhibits, but also the butterfly room!

Thank you Zia and your awesome parents.

Zia, you definitely wear this tutu with plenty of sass and attitude!  Keep rockin’ it Girl~

One tutu at a time.

Love, Grace